My name is Denise and I had serious heart problems in 1995 and was seeing a cardiologist for severe angina -- chest pain.  I was 32 years old at the time and I was put on beta blockers and a heart monitor.  My feet started swelling up and I had a hard time just breathing normal.   My cardiologist was baffled, but was treating the symptoms as best she could.  After a few months of this, I was in such pain that I begged my parents to please pray for me and I cried out to the Lord and said I couldn't take it anymore.  I had reached the end of what I could bear.  I had also just been referred by my family doctor to a neurologist for episodes where I'd feel weak and was experiencing short term memory loss -- I found out these were considered mild seizures!  It was getting serious and I was scared.  I was so sick that I was taking my daughter to daycare not because I was at work, but because I was getting sicker and couldn't physically function that well.  So when I asked my parents to please pray for me, they put their hands on me and prayed quietly that the Lord would heal me.  I didn't feel different after they prayed that evening, but I was comforted just knowing that I had put it all on God and for Him to help me.  I remember literally asking the Lord what good was I to Him dead?  I could do more for Him alive and so I asked him to please heal me.  Honestly, I begged Him to please heal me!  The next morning after my parents had prayed, and my daughter was at daycare as usual, something happened to me that I can only describe -- I was lying in bed with my eyes closed and the room got very, very still.  Then a fire-like heat started moving up and down my body from my head to my toes over and over again.  Then what felt like a HAND literally reached down inside my chest and gently surrounded my heart and I heard a language that I had never heard before but I still knew what was being said, "You are Healed, You are Healed, You are Healed!  Just like the voice said -- I was healed right then and there!!  I went to my cardiologist, Dr. Bonnie Gainer, and she said that she didn't understand what happened, but that I was okay and that if I ever had another problem to see her again.  Well, I never have had to see her again and it is now 18 years later.  It wasn't until my parents prayed for me that I was healed.  And now I understand why.  My father has had serious heart problems and has had two major heart attacks and three different surgeries over a ten year period.  The last time he was in the hospital for his second heart attack, a doctor was walking the floor of the hospital and stopped in his room to see him after he had been stabilized in the emergency room.  This doctor asked my Dad if he had his own cardiologist and he said no, so this doctor became my Dad's doctor.  Well, we came to find out that my old cardiologist, Dr. Bonnie Gainer, was his new doctor!  And my Dad knew of the Lord's healing of my heart, but never knew who my doctor was.  I really believe that the Lord had my cardiologist choose my Dad because he wanted him to know that he loves him and wants him healed, too, not just me.  And, most importantly, that He has His HAND on everything!  To this day, my Dad is doing well in his treatment with his doctors.  The Lord heals in different ways and I know this has greatly encouraged my Dad.